My Writing Skills Improved Over The Last Semester

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My Writing Skills have improved Over the Last Semester While attending writing class, I learned about the 4 steps in writing, bases for revising, organizing, and connecting specific information, and I also learned about the different types of essays such as descriptive, narrative, process, cause and effect and argumentative essay. I have been a student at Milwaukee Area Technical College for 1 semester, and over the course of my enrollment I have grown and learned more that I knew prior to attending this writing course. Participating in this writing class has taught me so much more than stuff about literature and language, it has taught me another way of expressing myself. I have learned here how to write and express myself, how to think for myself, and how to find the answers to the things that I don 't know. Most importantly I have learned how important technique, outlines and organization are. My goal in this paper is to inform writers about how my writing skills have improved. Learning about the different type of writing styles and steps of writing was the most interesting. Descriptive essays are my favorite to read and write. If I was to write about a person, I would select a dominant impression of the person using details to convey that impression. I would also choose details to support the topic sentence. Descriptive essays help give readers vivid image in their mind. When I write descriptive essays, I use 4 steps ; I select a subject, Select details that support my
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