My Writing Standards

Satisfactory Essays
The standards that were chosen for this literacy development profile closely fit with what my class is learning this quarter. We are working with writing complete sentences with capital letters and punctuation, sight words, spelling, and letter sounds. The standards I chose also correlate with the kindergarten standards since many of my students are just transitioning into the first grade. The writing standard I chose allows for a broader spectrum when it comes to persuasive and opinion pieces. My first graders can only write very simple sentences and some have not master that skill at all. When I was trying to find the right writing standard for this project, it was very important that it focused on the voice of writing. First graders have very limited writing and spelling conventions now, so the voice is one of the components we can see in the very beginning of writing.…show more content…
I have one above grade level student, two grade level students, and two below grade level students. The students I choose are the ones that are most likely to be overlook because they are to quiet and don’t have any outward behavior issues. I also chose one high level student because I wanted to see how I can provide additional resources for student who works above grade level. The lower level students have different abilities when it comes to reading and writing. One student does better in reading comprehension and the other struggles with comprehension but is better at decoding and sounding out words.
This Literacy Development Profile will be updated throughout the course of the school year to show the progression of students’ literary
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