My Writing Style, And The Improvements I Have Made Over The Past Three Months

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This essay will be a self-evaluation of my writing style, and the improvements I have made over the past three months. Before I took this class I had not written a paper since the last time I was in college. That was around 2004, my major was computer software. For that major there isn’t a whole lot of writing involved. This was more of a refresher class than anything. To be honest I was a little intimidated, for the simple reason I had not written anything like this since high school. I will discuss how I discovered my writing process. My development as a writer throughout this semester, and finally I will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of my essays.
At first, I had major difficulty knowing where to begin. This was especially difficult when, I was writing my paper personal grudges. I’m a very private person and, for that reason, I really had difficulty opening up to the audience. I found the best thing I could do to write down all of my ideas, without any real direction. I would write for a couple of hours. I would then leave it and come back the next day. The following day, I would edit it and, develop my thesis. When I proofread my papers, they always seemed out of order. Upon realization of this, I began to cut and paste my ideas, all around the essay, until I found the correct place. This was of great help and my assignments started to improve. I really turned a corner in my paper addiction. I found my voice and really opened up to the reader. I was brutally…
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