My Writing Style Essay

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My Writing Style

We all have a style, and it would seem that I wouldn't know another style, better than I know my own. However, I really wasn't aware that every circumstance causes me to change my 'style' accordingly. It seems that we are all just actors and actresses, playing various social roles, and yet we think we are being our 'self'. There were times when I was really nervous, perhaps before a job interview or meeting new people, and my mom would say , " don't be nervous, just go and be your self." The 'self' is an integration of the social roles we play and it is complex because we change our behaviors and our perceptions as situations dictate. The line you just read, illustrated an official writing 'self' that I slip into
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Contrary to what my attitude portrayed at work, I don't consider myself a mean and inconsiderate person. I think I have a rather pleasant disposition, but I will let you be the judge after we explore further the other diverse style roles I take on, in my life.

My insincerity isn't found in what I say to customers, rather it's the way in which I say things, however, I definitely have a work "lingo." This communication style certainly isn't one I use with friends. I don't ask how their doing and send them on their way. This is an example of two different situations when one style isn't always the appropriate one, and my interaction between my two families reveals even more about my communication styles. My parents and I converse about who will do the dishes and other essential household business. There is no unnecessary talking or formality used in our communication style. For example, when I'm at my fiance's house, I am as polite as I possibly can be. I always have wonderful conversations with them, but once again this communication style reflects the ways we interact with each other. At home, if there is a phone call for my mother, I wouldn't hesitate to yell at the top of my lungs from down in my room, "Ma!.......C'mere and get the phone, it's for you!" I am much more comfortable, relaxed, and basically less polite in my own home and my communication style definitely reflects this. I
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