My Writing Style-Personal Narrative

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Cover Letter I think what I struggled most with was the descriptive language, and vivid language to paint a picture for my audience. I thought writing in the past was going to be a piece of cake, but once I learned more rules when referring to the past in writing, I found myself worrying whether or not I used the right tense of transitional phrases and active verbs. Also I think trying to incorporate similes and metaphors were hard for me because I felt silly when adding these weird and odd phrases. Or perhaps it was just weird to me because my similes and metaphors didn’t seem so clever or at college level. I would say this paper stressed me out because I struggling adding the dialogue, and knowing whether or not I included it correctly…show more content…
I remember grabbing all my T-shirts, jeans, shorts and most importantly grabbing my uniform, dress. trombone and making sure those items were with me at all times. Then I continued to pack and got my last remaining items, wallet, keys attached to my lanyard and my iPad for the long plane ride. Finally I was ready to go and I did all that in under 2 hours. The clock now read 6:55, I took my luggage and instrument to the car and loaded them up, then came in through the front door and I heard the sizzling and crackling, the smell of hickory smoked bacon embellishing itself all around the house. My mom was making bacon and eggs, I saw the leftover peels from the oranges and I could see my mom had even made fresh squeezed orange juice, breakfast was the best part of waking up and finally we heard my mom…show more content…
I look back and I think I would say I did a pretty great job at winging it, the show went smoothly and I got to work on my soloing, I went through the scales and managed to wow the crowd as Mr. Kusserrow signaled the band to repeat the chorus of Chameleon about 3 more times to let me solo for another 75 measures. After the show Mr. Kusserrow apologized to me and then told me when we go to New York that I have his permission to tour freely with my friends and not with him and his assistant. So after another 10 hours on the road, we were in the Big Apple. We arrived at the Marriott Hotel and unloaded our stuff, my luggage and music were there Yay, lady luck arrived. I could now change my outfit, I had fresh underwear and music, things could not be any better for
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