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The first time I picked up a pen and wrote something in English was when I was in the seventh grade, there I was sitting in my Language Arts class when the teacher made us form groups then told us to write something about the other person. The words I wanted to use, I didn’t know how to translate into English. I only had broken fragments that did not entirely make sense. I became frustrated and agitated that I couldn’t do it, so the next day I decided to start keeping a journal. This was really helpful, because by the time I became a sophomore, my writing had improved significantly. There were some grammatical errors, but at least people would understand what I was writing. To improve my writing was what I wanted to do, so I began a journey to become better. In order to improve my writing skills, I kept a journal, I wrote each and every thing I did. This journey of mine was going to have some ups and downs, but I knew that to really achieve my goal, I had to do everything possible to make it come true. I knew I’d have to stay committed to take on this challenge. My last year of high school came with some grave challenges. My English teacher focused more on writing. We wrote papers from short articles to writing a research paper as our last assignment. That itself, was a really big struggle. In the end, I made it through and ended up with a decent grade. College, came around the corner sooner than I’d hope. My advisor told me the classes I’d need to take in order to meet

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