My Writings: A Personal Reflection

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I've always enjoyed writing but think it a myth that if you enjoy writing you're naturally a good writer. I have found that sometimes writing comes hard for me since I cannot peg down my ideas just as I want them or lynch that word that was on the 'tip of my tongue'. I enjoy writing when I do it it throws me up in heaven and leaves me there, excepting when I reread the piece and think it scandalous. What has most helped me? Possibly free-writing like now when I chase the stampeded of words that are bulldozing through my brain running form me faster than I can get them down on paper. The writing is apt to come out confused and bewildered, but then I follow Ayn Rand's recommendations I have read many writing manuals and have found hers the most valuable to just shut the brain off and write. Later, I adopt the procedure of three revisions. One is to see whether the prose makes sense to an imaginary reader. The next is to see whether I can prune words as ruthlessly as possible (sometimes, I end up annihilating too many); and thirdly to see whether grammar matches. My writing I think has verve and zinc to it. The problems, it seems to me, lie mostly in grammar. I think my grammar to be abhorrent. Possibly, that may be relative speaking. The commas sometimes seem to be in the wrong place, and I frequently err by indulging in run-on sentences. Which methods have worked and which haven't in writing? On and off, I have tried Dorothea Brande's recommendation of writing
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