My Year Is My First Year Of College

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Last year was my first year of college. Freshmen year as a transition for me from High School to College, I don’t think I did well in adjusting to college life. I’m regretting lots thing I could have done, but I didn 't. I wish I could be like other ordinary students live in the dorm, they have more opportunities to involve school’s activity, and more chances to get to know more people. As a freshman in college, I was scared about failing my classes so I tried my best to work on every assignment in order to have a good grade. However I still had all kinds of new experiences, like driving by myself to school, a new kind of teaching system and meeting new friends. I had many interesting assignments from all my class, but my English 10M class was the class that helped me improve on my writing. In my English 10M class we had many essay assignments and we were required to do at least three drafts before turning it in. We also had a chance to do peer review and get feedback from professors, which helped a lot for me to understand where I made mistakes and what I needed to work on. After taking an English 10M class, I had unforgettable essay experiences and I learned a lot from it.
The narcissism essay had a lot of requirements. The essay was for my English 10M class, and for the assignment, we had to argue about whether narcissism is good or bad. To do this, we used information from our assigned reading as well as our own experiences and opinions. So we needed to pick a side and…

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