My Year Is My First Year Of College

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Last year was my first year of college. Freshmen year as a transition for me from High School to College, I don’t think I did well in adjusting to college life. I’m regretting lots thing I could have done, but I didn 't. I wish I could be like other ordinary students live in the dorm, they have more opportunities to involve school’s activity, and more chances to get to know more people. As a freshman in college, I was scared about failing my classes so I tried my best to work on every assignment in order to have a good grade. However I still had all kinds of new experiences, like driving by myself to school, a new kind of teaching system and meeting new friends. I had many interesting assignments from all my class, but my English 10M …show more content…
But they weren’t the same anymore.
After I read the article, “Shitty First Drafts” by Anne Lamott this semester, she states “Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts, you need to start somewhere” (pg.3). Now I will just start a draft with some idea, put everything as I could in the essay, even it’s the worst its fine, no one can see it. I knew that its fine to write a “Shitty First Draft” nobody is going to see it. It’s always a good start to write down something even it’s bad. I believe after knowing this method, I won’t struggle in staring my essay anymore.
We did a peer review on the first drafts, and after the peer review I had feedback of I had clear thesis statement and many opinions. Then I took one week for the second revision, I turned it into my professor. However, my professor said in my draft, I have many good points but I need to expand them. After her suggestions, I was so was so confused about what she means. Because of that, I made an appointment with a PARC writing tutor. With much help from a PARC tutor, I gained ideas of what the professor means and what I was going to write about is. But even after so many times revise I still have citation problem in my papers. The revision I made to the final essay is I revised the grammar problem, and it should be a more fluent essay now.
The Narcissism essay is the first essay which I had a citation problem, and it from

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