My Year Of My High School Career

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The first year of my high school career is done and over with, along with the stress and tears that came with it. Now it is time for summer, the best time of the year. The two months where you get to do anything you want without worrying about how late it is going to get, unless you have a job the next day. Most of my friends have detasseling or are beginning to work at their first job. Unlike me, I had nothing going on, besides hanging out with my friends and going on family vacations. I did not want to make this summer go to waste. I had to make the most out of it by doing something I would enjoy doing.
It took me all night to think about all the activities or hobbies I could do. I could apply for some jobs and see which one would
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Our first summer practice is this upcoming Tuesday at 5 p.m. Hope to see you there!” Coach Julian informed me. There was so many things I was looking forward to. One of the main reasons was that I was going to play the sport I love with my close friends that I used to play soccer with since grade school. Nothing seemed to get in the way for now. “Make sure you have your cleats and soccer ball in your bag before we head out,” my mom shouted loudly for me to hear at the bottom of the stair case.
We hopped into my mom’s navy SUV, and next thing you know it we were already at the parking lot of the high school.
“Good luck and try to do the best of your ability,” my mom excitedly said.
“Mom I will do fine just make sure you pick me up at 6:30 pm,” I formed her.
“Will do!” she said with excitement.
Soon as I walked to the field I introduced myself to the coach.
“Hi I am Yessica, the one who contacted you last week,” I nervously said.
Coach Julian said, “Yes welcome! Just make set your stuff done and be prepared for what we are going to do.”
A couple hours laters, I had sweat dripping down my whole body, head to toe.
“I am guessing practice went well for you,” my mom said with sarcasm.
“It actually did, even though all the running was really hard and the new coach kind of scared me because he made us do a lot of drills,” I ranted about.
“Were you rusty at first?” my mom questioned.
“Yeah but I got used to it afterwards and plus, it was fun!” I said with
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