My Year Old Pre Schooler

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“Mommy, look at me hopping on one leg!” When your 4-year-old pre-schooler proudly shows you her latest achievement, you smile indulgently at her. This is not the only thing that she has learned recently; there are a large number of developments and changes to look forward to as your child turns 4. Developmental milestones  She is more independent and self-confident, or will be in the coming months.  She is content to play with her toys for longer periods of time and can entertain herself.  She can also feed herself without supervision through most of her meals.  She is starting to speak clearly using more complex sentences than before.  She can count up to 10 objects and may recognize numbers up to 20.  She recognizes at least three shapes and four-five colors.  Your 4-year-old understands the concept of time to a greater extent than she did a year ago. She understands that tomorrow will come after tonight, that it will be dark at night and that night will follow evening and so on.  She makes judgments based on quantity, appearance, or volume. So be ready to have a verbal fight on your hands if she thinks you have served her less of her favorite food than you did her sibling/cousin/friend.  She recognizes her name, and considers it special. She may have memorized the letters that make up her name. She might even develop a proprietary attitude towards the first letter of her name. You can help her to practice writing the letters of her name.  She has a longer
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