My depression

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Everyone has experienced feelings of sadness, and unhappiness in their lives however when these feelings of sadness, guilt, and disappointment don't seem to go away and intervene with a persons daily life then it becomes a problem. Depression is a common and serious medical condition that affects people from all walks of live regardless of gender, age, or ethnic background. It affects the persons thoughts, feelings and body, however some forms of depression are more severe than others. The person affected by depression tends to have these feelings that could last weeks, months and even years, the person tends to lose hope and the will to live. Depression affects men, woman, and children. However woman are more prone to depression by 70%…show more content…
The individuals affected by this type of depression, are more at risk of getting major depression as well some people may even experience both types at the same time this is known as double depression, and the risk of repeated episodes of major depression are higher among these individuals. The fourth type is known as Bipolar Depression or also known as manic depression. This type is not as common as other forms of depression, but it is severe. The person affected by this disorder usually suffers from headaches, exhaustion, feels anxious, tends to get easily irritated, does not enjoy things they did in the past, these are all signs of depression. However besides depression the person with bipolar disorder also experiences sudden episodes of manic, in which they hardly sleep, they feel hyper-alert, are constantly moving, they tend to talk a lot and very fast, they do dangerous things that others would not try. Both the depression in combination with the manic symptoms can be very dangerous for the individual, since these behaviors of feeling high can cloud the person’s judgment and can destroy their lives. This condition unfortunately affects teens the most, it’s usually develops during the late teen years and early adulthood, tends to be diagnosed before the age of 25 years old. This is a chronic condition and requires that the person receives treatment for life. The fifth type of depression is
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