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INTRODUCTION Some say that it is better not to dwell on the past because it cannot be changed. To these people, it is not necessarily bad to reminisce on what has happened throughout the years, but it is better to focus on what is taking place right now. They believe that the present is another chance to start fresh and anew without letting past experiences burden them. However, what they do not seem to realize is that the past, present, and future are interrelated. The present is a result of the past, while the future depends entirely on the choices, (and course of action for those choices), that are made in the present. With that being said, studying humanity and past cultures are significant to society. Attempting to understand why…show more content…
The collections of this museum include displays for the Natural History, Anthropology, and History departments. Although not all of the exhibits are shown year round, the display for the Native Americans of Southern California is. It features the Chumash, Tongva, Serrano, Luiseno, Cahuilla, and Kumeyaay tribes. There are also some exhibits for non-Californian tribes such as the Navajo and Pueblo peoples. Out of all of the aforementioned tribes, this paper mainly focuses on the Luiseno, Kumeyaay, and Navajo. These three stood out the most because of the contents within each of the exhibits. The artifacts associated with each culture were unique and eye-catching. MUSEUM EXHIBIT 1) Artifact Display The three departments mentioned earlier were divided into distinct sections and subsections. The exhibits for the Natural History collection were located on the left side of the museum. It included different displays for perfectly preserved animal specimens, minerals, fossils of plants, and desert findings by American biologist, Edmund C. Jaeger. Located directly across from this segment was the History section, which consisted of artifacts relating to tools and equipment as well as pictures of early residents in order to show how Riverside developed over time. In addition to this, different time periods in American history were displayed such as the Civil War. It contained personal portraits, old models of weapons, and replicas of

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