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My hero is Jose Mourinho. Jose Mourinho is a professional football manager with worldwide recognition over the world. Many people refer Jose Mourinho as one of the most successful manager in the modern era. He is respected by other managers and rivals. Pep Guardiola, another great manager and Jose’s rival when he coached Real Madrid once told media that Jose Mourinho do not even have to win the game to become the greatest manager (ESPNsoccernet staff, 2011). Mourinho notably known as manager who achieves numerous titles and champions in every club he led. He is also famous for his self-proclaimed as “The Special One”. During one interview, he said, “Please don't call me arrogant, but I'm European champion and I think I'm a special one” …show more content…

In order to develop my lack of confidence, I will practice myself to work more with many people and socialize with more people. Because I believe when I work with more people, then I will grow my confidence because I may learn and have supports from them Then I have to implement a self confidence in myself so I do not feel underestimate or scare when face a great challenge in my life. I will try to become a positive person that always realize my strength rather than just complaining about the weaknesses. Jose Mourinho is famous for his works in football world in Europe. His works in football gives so many people inspiration. Mourinho is best known for his pragmatic and unentertaining football play. For him winning 10-0 or 1-0 is the same. He turns people perception about attacking football. Mourihno not only makes Chelsea into a world class team, he also made Inter Milan into the glory again in Serie A. Mourinho also teaches many people to love the football more than anything. When his team scores a goal, Mourinho will not shy to express his joy by sliding in the field or celebrate with the crowd. The value that he holds is his confidence about his team and his style of play. He will not easily provoked by other people who said that his defensive approach is ruining the fair play. On the other hand, he never underestimates his opponent. Those kinds of value may be considered as always thinking in positive ways. When his team loses, Mourinho will not

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