My transition into college. Describe a big change in your life.

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My Transition into College

My transition into college was into college was a big change for me. I went from living

comfortably at home with my group of friends that I’ve made over many years to going to new

place where I knew nobody. This is a big change for anyone.

I remember the summer after graduation, the last summer that all my friends would all be

together before we all left to college. The summer went by so quickly and we had a lot of fun

hanging out. It really didn’t hit anyone that we were all leaving until one by one each of started

leaving for school. At this time I knew that it was almost time for me to leave soon and started to

get nervous about leaving home and my friends. I really didn’t know what to expect.
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What was left of our big group

was diminished to half of what it was. Now everyone just did everything on there own. Out of

the people who where left, they all remained friend but still it was like what it was when we first

all met. I really didn’t involve myself in anyone else matters anymore and eventually got my self a

girlfriend at school. So I spent most of my time with her going out with our friends from home,

whom I never lost contact with. The year flew by quicker than the preceding one and the summer

even quicker. My junior year came and even more people from our original group transferred,

including my girlfriend. It was a big change for me not having her around at school. I spent the

semester just going to classes and seeing my girlfriend on the weekends. I was rarely at school,

only for classes. Now im at this present date and from the original group that we had freshman

year, only about eight of us remain in this school and we all rarely even talk to each other or hang


Through my whole experience though college so far I have made a totally new group of

friends and lost a large amount of them. I wouldn’t go back and change any of this because an

experience is an experience and there would be nothing with out them. So far my college career

has been very interesting I am just wait for what’s gonna happen in the time I have till
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