My writing styles Essay

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My writing styles

There are many writing styles that many people pick up as they go through there many years of schooling. Each person picks up the same type of writing styles but as years go by people seem to pick up there own little types of writing style that separates them from everyone else. As I have gone through many years of English classes I have acquired more and more skills and many more are sure to come as I continue my education. My writing skills have only gotten better from the time of ninth grade English class until today. Since my days back in junior high school I was only taught the basic skills to write papers and since then they have grown to make me a decent writer. I have many strengths and also
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Run-on sentences is also another one of my weaknesses as a writer which is not as big as a problem as my weakness of verb tense use. Another of many disadvantages of a writer in my point of view is my able to organize my sentences so they run smoothly. I need to work a little bit more on my internal organization of paragraphs. I don’t exactly incorporate quotes so that my sentences run as smoothly as they can. All together I think these couple of disadvantages of my writing is minimal and that I can work on these mistakes out if I would proof read my papers more in depth. If I can work out my weaknesses from my writing I will have more advantages and also be considered a better writer.

Along with disadvantages of my writing also come the advantages which make me a half way decent writer in my perspective. In writing papers I include many interesting facts about the topic that I am writing on. This skill of being able to research topics good is something that I think is one of my major strengths because of the ability to take the time and patience to weed through tons of material. I am able to take this research that I find and incorporate it into my papers in a fair enough manner that makes my papers have way decent. Another strength that I posses is my
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