Myanmar Is Entering A New Era

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Executive Summary Myanmar is located between Bangladesh and Thailand, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The country borders five nations and is endowed with rich natural resources. Strategic location, rich endowments of natural resources, abundant agricultural/marine resources, high tourism potential, attractive labor force and ASEAN membership are Myanmar’s advantages. Myanmar is entering a new era. After decades of repressive rule and self-imposed isolation, Myanmar, in 2011, begun reforms with significant political, economic and social changes. On the path of change, Myanmar had since institutionalized democratic governance, opened up the economy, liberalized the press. Efforts were made to conclude peace agreements with ethno-nationalist insurgent movements and to de-escalate religious tensions. Investors are actively considering Myanmar as an emerging economy. Its recent reforms opened up a wide range of economic opportunities in attracting foreign businesses establishing in Myanmar. These are enabling employment and infrastructure. This report analyses the political, legal, economical/financial, social/cultural and technological aspects of Myanmar to address the opportunities Myanmar holds for foreign investments. Challenges continue to confront Myanmar. These are widespread poverty and underdevelopment, a lack of administrative and institutional capacity, a government that lacks accountability and transparency, lingering ethnic,
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