Mycenaean Research Paper

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The Mycenaean culture was one that was invaded causing the culture to disappear. The Mycenaean period was around 2000-1500 B.C. Mycenaean lasted. according to Greek legends, they were destroyed by the Dorians, an immigrant tribe to have been descended from Hercules. The Mycenaean civilization collapsed in 1200 B.C.E. This is known as the Dark Ages. Although studying ancient civilizations is really difficult, some historians have one similar understanding that the Mycenaeans collapsed from internal issues within their own civilization and then later conquered by the Dorians. Although the Mycenaean, government failed over. having a civilization fall from inside its own political government brings invaders, influencing and attracting them to a weak civilization, eventually making it easy to take-over. Now that the Mycenaean are vulnerable to any outside threats, the Dorians took that advantage. But some believe…show more content…
1600–1100 BC). The most prominent site was Mycenae, in Argolis, to which the culture of this era owes its name. Mycenaean and Mycenaean-influenced settlements also appeared in Epirus,Macedonia, on islands in the Aegean Sea, on the coast of Asia Minor, the Levant, Cyprus and Italy. The Mycenaean introduced several innovations in the fields of engineering, architecture and military infrastructure, while trade over the Mediterranean was essential for the Mycenaean economy. Mycenaean perished with the collapse of Bronze Age culture in the eastern Mediterranean, to be followed by the Dark Ages, a period leading to Archaic Greece. Various theories have been proposed for the end of this civilization, among them the Dorian invasion or activities connected to the “Sea Peoples”. Additional theories such as natural disasters and climatic changes have been also suggested. The Mycenaean period became the historical setting of much ancient Greek literature and mythology, including the Trojan Epic
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