Myer Holding Limited Annual Report 2014

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1. The composition of the group; namely the subsidiaries, associates, any joint Ventures and any other significant investments According to note 30 (Myer Holding Limited annual report 2014, p. 104), Myer’s subsidiaries appearance is mainly from Australia with difference names. The Parent entity is Myer Holdings Limited. There are 22 subsidiaries including 5 subsidiaries are from overseas shown as list below: According to Australian Business Register, depending on which type of the entity, associates might be persons or organisations. Moreover, associates include top 20 of shareholders. In this case, the entity is Myer Holdings Limited, which is type of company. As shown in the annual report 2014 of Myer Holding Limited (2014, p. 117), there are 20 largest shareholders in the following list: There are 5 significant shareholders which are important investments: • Harris Associates with 42,724,764 shares; • Goldman Sachs Group Inc. with 41,444,348 shares; • UBS AG with 38,339,954 shares; • Commonwealth Bank of Australia with 35,169,489 shares; and • BlackRock Group with 29,286,209 shares. The Myer Holding Limited is wholly owned all of the Australian controlled subsidiaries. Within the whole owned subsidiaries, for those entities that along to a deed of cross guarantee or called as ‘closed group’ have to follow the Class Order 98/1418 issued by ASIC (the Australian Securities and Investments Commission), which requiring to prepare financial statements and director
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