Myers Briggs Type Indicator Essay

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a popular tool used to indicate a person’s personality type and the sequence in which they perceive the world. In Pittenger’s (2005) article he disagreed with the validity of the MBTI and wants people in the workplace to be leery of using it to determine the abilities of current and future employees. His views came across as arbitrary due to the fact that he thinks that the MBTI claims to have omniscient abilities and then proceeds to argue why it is untrustworthy. The MBTI, is an in-depth personality test, but it cannot stand up to Pittenger’s trifling criticisms, nor can any personality test; however, this does diminish the validity of the MBTI. Description of the MBTI…show more content…
Through a series of questions it calculates if the test taker is Extroverted or Introverted, Sensing or Intuitive, Thinker or Feeler, and Perceiver or Judger and then it assigns that person their four letter personality type such as ESTP or INFJ. There are sixteen combinations of the letter traits and once the results are received one can explore their order of perception and processing and commonalities and statistics of the types. Does not Predict Future The MBTI cannot prophecy someone’s future; rather, it helps indicate and describe psychological preferences, tendencies and differences. Therefore, Pittenger (2005) is completely correct when he states that he does not “believe that the current scoring procedures for the MBTI allows for one to make important prophecies about individuals". The MBTI is an indicator not a predictor for no test formed by man can foretell someone’s future and it would be silly to place faith in such a test that claims it can. Does not Determine Ability or
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