Myers Briggs Type Indicators ( Mbti ) Essay

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI) is an assessment that is designed to describe the psychological preferences in how different people think, make decisions and perceive the world. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicators can be dated back to the 1940’s. During this time, a team made up of a mother and daughter took interest in the work of Carl G. Jung on identifying types of personalities, which was first published in 1921 under the title “Psychological types”. Jung made his conclusions from introspection, clinical observations and anecdote methods, which the modern field psychology refers to as inconclusive. Katherine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Meyers, carried out further studies on the subject with hopes that Jung would join them. They approached Jung with the request, but he declined and told them to carry on with the research without him and with his blessings. The work of Carl G. Jung mainly focused on personality preferences. He had a theory which stated that different people possess personal preferences on the way they carry out certain activities. He related this argument to the case of a person who has a preference to either being right or left handed. Briggs and her daughter were the original developers of the Personality inventory. They concentrated on human behavior with the aim of putting the Psychological types theory into practical use. This was after an extensive study of Carl G. Jung. The creation of the indicator took place in the 1940s during
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