Myra Estrin Levine : An Important Influence

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Myra Estrin Levine was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1929, and was an important influence in nursing. She had two siblings and held a close relationship with her parents. Her father was a hard worker who was frequently ill, hospitalized with health disparities. Her mother was devoted to providing care for her father while ill, which is when Levine developed such great interest in nursing. Levine earned her diploma at Cook County High School in Chicago in 1944. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago in 1949 and her Master’s from Wayne State University in 1962. In 1992, she earned her honorary doctorate from Loyola University. Levine held many different positions in her career; she worked as a private nurse, civilian nurse in the U.S. Army, a clinical instructor and supervisor at many different institutions (Schaefer, 2010). Levine established her model as a starting point to the “whys” in nursing (Fawcett, 1991). Levine knew the seriousness of studying any discipline, in an effort to provide the necessary substance and meaning, a theoretical baseline was required. She placed value on technical skills and declared that skills were the “silent language” of nursing and without them academics were useless (Levine, 1973). It was first stated by Newman that Levine’s attention to the theoretical basis for nursing occurred around the same time when nursing recognized the need for substantive knowledge (Fawcett, 1991). Levine declared that the
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