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SOUTHEAST MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY College of Health & Human Services Department of Nursing COURSE: NS-600 COURSE TITLE: Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Practice (3 credits). FACULTY: Elaine Jackson, PhD, RN Crisp Hall – 319 573-651-2871(O) 243-2049(H) 450-2757(Cell) I. DESCRIPTION: Provides a basis for examining theory construction and the role that theory plays in providing the scientific basis for nursing…show more content…
A written contract between the course instructor and student will indicate the reason for the incomplete, the work that must be completed, the deadline for completing the work, and signatures of both parties. A copy of the contract will be maintained by the instructor and the student and placed in the student 's file. In order to avoid disruption of class instruction and learning for faculty and students, all students attending this course are expected to turn off all cell phones (use of vibration permitted). Only in situations of dire emergency are students expected to leave the learning environment. Responding to messages of a mundane nature (by texting or other means) is disruptive and can be accomplished during class breaks and at the end of the class. It is not even necessary to have cell phones and other communication devices placed in the open classroom unless the potential for an emergency message exists. In that case, the instructor should be notified prior to the class in which the student may receive an emergency message. Even then, all due diligence should be made by the student to avoid exposing other students to the distraction of even an emergency message or the need to absence one’s self from the classroom. Frequent moving about the classroom during instruction and student presentations will be noted by the course instructor and brought to the attention of the student(s) involved. Avoiding distraction for other students
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