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Myrtle (Tilly) Dunnage
Myrtaceae – a common shrub with dark shiny evergreen leaves, white scented flowers, black berries.
Ancient civilizations believed that myrtle was a symbol of immortality
Romans displayed myrtle lavishly at feasts, weddings and celebrations and was often woven into bridal wreaths.
Egyptians used the plant to treat nervous afflictions.
French women drank tea made from crushed myrtle leaves, believing that it would help to preserve their youthful appearance and overall vigor.
Myrtle is the nickname for a family of shrubs and trees collectively known as Myrtaceae.
Myrtle is very popular as an insect repellent, for both human and animals.
In Greek mythology and ritual the myrtle was sacred to the
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Throughout the text Tilly alternates between Myrtle: a child, ‘cursed’, innocent, naïve, abused, molested and weak and (- transforms into-) Tilly: strong, independent, clever, intelligent, knowledgeable, cultured and sophisticated.
Tilly changed her name seek a new, painless identity and forget her past however in parts of the novel, for example, after Teddy’s death when Tilly is talking to Sergeant Farrat, she request that he call her Myrtle-the name and person she believes to be cursed (pg. 191).
How they sound, what they say, to whom they say it:
Tilly doesn’t have speak very much, it seems that whenever Tilly speaks, especially to the town’s people, that she only speaks the minimal, keeping to short answers that rarely give anything away. However, when Tilly is talking with characters such as Teddy and Molly (towards the end of the book), she talks more about herself, and in a more personal manner.
But it is shown often through Rosalie Ham’s writing about Tilly that she is very intelligent and perceptive, not at all fooled by Dungatar’s outwards appearance.
How they relate to others in the town –their actions, reactions and interactions:
Tilly is disliked (immensely) by the residents of Dungatar, but throughout the novel when they come to realise her dressmaking talents they attempt to manipulate and use her to further themselves.

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