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I call myself a writer.

Well, I call myself a writer and a poet. I grew up telling stories to myself. Creating a story behind every person, behind the games I played with my sister, or about the imaginary friends we had was the most fun I could find. My grandparents love Mexico. Rocky Point in particular. They’d take their trailer from Vegas to their special spot in the trailer park, overlooking the vast expanse of the Sea of Cortez. When I wasn’t playing in the sand or in the tide pools, I was beside my grandmother. A retired Child psychologist, she was always happy to see the imagination of children at work, so when my sister and I started to tell her that her “trailer” was actually a spaceship on its way to the unexplored Planet X, she played along. Over the years, the one trip to Planet X became several missions and my sister, grandmother, her dog (Captain Bailey), and I all became intergalactic explorers of legendary proportions. Later in life, I continued my adventures in storytelling, getting my friends to create epic back stories to our Halo characters, voicing our lines in forge mode, creating empires, rebellions, and top-secret missions I can’t tell you about.

I call myself a writer.

I say this because I love reading, writing, and words in general. From my regular trips to my retired English teacher of a grandfather’s home simply to talk and borrow his books, to writing poems that use just about every meaning of a word simply to see if I can, I love just about
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