Mysterious Misconceptions About Nasa's Lack Of Space Exploration

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We have major issues here on earth that should receive more attention and consideration. What is it about space that is so alluring? This is one of the many questions NASA has to consider routinely as they are spending the nation’s money. But, what are they doing with the nation’s treasure? Are they using it carefully? There are many mysterious misconceptions about NASA’s spending and attainments. Welcome to my podcast brought to you by Phil, hopefully you will develop an independent judgement as we navigate the results of NASA’s research and exploration. To see if it influences people like you and me directly or not, to see if we truly, benefit from space exploration.

Listeners, if you would name the most renowned and fascinating achievement that NASA has ever committed, I presume you would answer the Apollo moon landing, which is during the Apollo era, however, did you know that the Apollo program is actually the peak of NASA spending at approximately 4.5% of the federal budget, spending estimately 32.5 billion dollars it is the most expensive era in NASA history. Yet later in 2010 the spending of NASA dropped down from 4.5% to 0.5%. Clearly America’s interest in developing exploration in space is declining.
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Paraphrased from the website “In 1958, it is stipulated that NASA should not only specify in space exploration, however should also work on to improve and benefit the lives of the nation, thus NASA have flourished convenient technology and research that benefit public
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