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The Mysterious Roses and Cold Feet Michael J. Reid ETH/316 08/05/2013 Mark Cobia The Mysterious Roses and Cold Feet Various conditions come up in the office that requires employees to sit down and think about the best solution. This usually involves supervisors and subordinates. At times answers are vague and what seems to be the most clearly defined answer, is not always the suitable choice. The Ethics Game simulation displayed two different cases: The Case of the Mysterious Rose and The Case of the Cold Feet. Both cases bring the manager across different thought procedures to make him or her comprehend the magnitude of examining the situation in dissimilar ways. In The Case of the Mysterious Rose, the…show more content…
The simulation also deems this to be the wisest option and low risk. In the Case of the Cold Feet, I dealt with the problem of what to do when I think an employee is doctoring facts in a report. This came to my attention through two conflicting employee reports. This case conveys the user through the relationship and reputation lenses. In this occurrence, I went with two distinctive, yet comparable, options (both of which the simulation thought were not the best options). After recognizing the principal participants, the relationship lens had me spot the basic liberties of the workers and then to identify methods that ensure these basic liberties. Once I pinpointed these liberties and methods, I chose to notify the employee of my trepidations without mentioning the junior researchers data report. If Dr. Waters (the faker) does not acknowledge or make clear the problem, I would inform the Chief Legal Officer of the potential wrongdoing. The reputation lens asked me to identify the proficiencies of my position. Amazingly, I was exactly right with them. With that I determined to go a different course in notifying Dr. Waters of my troubles based on my own investigation. The simulation assessed this decision as low risk but not the highest choice for the reputation lens. These simulations were very thought-provoking and curious. They

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