Mystery, Amazement and Wonder in Stories

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It is a feeling of wonder, characteristic of children; the sense that there is something very unusual about our world, the fact that it is a wonder that should be impossible, and yet - here we are observing it all. The wonder that grips us as all with the existence of a mystery, the reasons and causes of it all ultimately unknown, the many philosophical and physics theories often seeming ethereal and extraordinary, even though we can understand them logically, they still give rise to a sense of amazement.
This feeling of wonder is significant for children because they are still discovering the world and look at it with fresh eyes. Things we consider simple and obvious, they find fascinating, and silly little stories and fairy tales are for them amazing and inspiring. In play they invent their own stories, their imaginations flowing in ways unique to them, and so, as one of the elements capturing this feeling, fairy tales were included in the concept.
This sense of amazement although imbedded in children is often neglected by adults in the everyday life. And even though it is ever present not only all around us, but also in the existence of the human consciousness as well – which is the…
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