Mystery Shop Research Paper

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One proven sale tactic that delivers increased revenue in under 30 days is to mystery shop your own sales team and or front desk. During the last 15 years, research has documented that mystery shopping plus individual coaching rapidly generates increased sales, RevPAR plus higher net profits.

As Vice President of Sales for both Marriott and Choice Hotels, I hired multiple mystery-shopping providers. Each time the results have been the same. Sales and net profits went up while discounting went down.

Amazingly, the results were always the same. This was true if I mystery shopped an individual sales person, an entire sales team, a front desk, or a 150 seat call center.

Mystery shopping is the single most dependable sales investment I
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The only reason to mystery shop employees is to change behavior. Resulting in new conduct that generates more sales, from more shoppers and always for more revenue.
Traditionally an employee’s first awareness of mystery shopping occurs after the initial shop call has taken place.
Why? The first call establishes a performance baseline that the employee will be measured against in future.
Traditionally the initial grading or scoresheet is designed by the vendor conducting the shop call.
As a rule, they will have used this same scoresheet with dozens of past clients- but not yours. It’s good, but it is not customized for your company, your team or your local marketplace.
When any employee discovers they have been shopped it’s traditionally announced in a very positive manner. Too often, the employees do not share the positive feelings.
In fact, you may run the risk they come away feeling blindsided. Rarely do they embrace the results documented on their scoresheet.
Although the mystery shopping vendor invested a lot of time and effort into developing their scoresheet -your employees are frequently not
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One salesperson stated, “Don't begin the process by telling me what I did wrong. Start by asking me how I and my co-workers can improve.”
This is a good time to review that the primary purpose of mystery shopping is to change behavior.
To motivate the employee to take action that will result in substantially more bookings and sales revenue – all in the shortest amount of time.
When you strategically allow your front-line employees to play a role in establishing their future mystery shopping criteria, adaptation will be faster.
The most common concern cited by managers is this new approach seems to be time-consuming. Instead of being able to start tomorrow, we will have to wait a couple of weeks to get the employees buy-in. The good news is that you can start tomorrow.
How it Works
The new system places significant importance on how each employee is performing vs. your direct competitors. We do this by simultaneously shopping your employees plus your top 3 to 5 competitors.
Initially we have your employees listen and analyze each shop call on their direct competitors. As a rule, your employees will eagerly
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