Mystery Shopper

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Situation: The observation was carried out at a Restaurant named Taste of India in Denver on March 28, Sunday at 7 p.m. The walk-ins were normal as there was no waiting line but around 80% tables were occupied. The customers constituted mostly of couples or families. To rate the entire experience, observations were made in the following categories: |Reservation |Parking/Location |Service |Ambience |Food |Ticket Time | Objective of the research: The objective of the research is to observe & rate the following: • Performance, attitudes and behavior of customer-facing staff at various levels • Required standards in and around the restaurant premises…show more content…
The management should ensure that the receptionist is polite, inviting & cordial. • Menu could be expanded easily by adding options in each course. The presentation of food was ordinary & can be improved. • The delivery timing could be improved by either by training staff or by hiring additional staff. Appendix: Exhibit1: Questionnaire |Restaurant Name: | |Date & Time: | | |Location: | |Total Weightage: | | |Ratings: | |4 – Excellent 3 – Good 2 – Average 1 – Bad | |Parameters: | |Reservation

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