Mystery of Who Killed John F Kennedy

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Due to the vast speculations of the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas the mystery of what really happened still lies amongst us today. From theory to theory there is no telling what the true motive in killing the President really was. Among the various theories are those that involve the Chicago mafia, Lee Harvey Oswald attempting the murder by himself, and the left and right wing factions of the U.S. government. After several investigations, there is no real proof, for any one of these theories. On November 22, 1963, Kennedy rode in an open limousine, accompanied by his wife Jacqueline Kennedy. Texas governor the Connally's were seated in front of the Kennedy's, with the governor sitting in front of…show more content…
According to many, "it was previously believed that the Chicago mobsters might have orchestrated the plan to assassinate President Kennedy" ("Latest JFK Theories" 3). On one hand, JFK critically used the mob to win the election as well as to take care of business or to do the President's dirty work. On the other hand, JFK employed Robert F. Kennedy as Attorney General to prosecute and get rid of the mafia leaders. Although the Chicago mafia might have been responsible for ordering the hit on JFK, it is still unclear to see whether they were influenced or assisted by some members of the CIA or some other sort of government agency ("Lasted JFK Theories" 1). "So who killed JFK?" As soon as the President passed speculations of Lee Harvey Oswald being responsible, the President's death rose among American's. When people started to get suspicious about the mystery involving the murder, President Lyndon B. Johnson dispatched the Warren Commission. This was commanded to investigate and silence all doubts concerning the mystery around the murder of JFK. The Warren Commission established a single bullet theory. This stated that two of the President's wounds, and all five of Governor Connally's were caused by a "magic bullet", "The commission proposed that a single bullet fired from the depository building struck President Kennedy in the base of the back of his neck, exited from his throat, and then passed downward through governor Connally's back, chest, wrist, and
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