Mystic River: Comparing the Book and Film

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Mystic River is a crime novel went straight to the bestseller lists on 2001 written by Dennis Lehane. The reproducing film Mystic River by Clint Eastwood also won countless Awards. As Lehane points out in his interview with Linda Richards: “ 50 percent of the reviews has said this is not simply a crime novel.” Which obviously pleased him. The psyches and nature of human are the most fascinating parts in his novel. In the story Dave Boyle was abducted as a child and being molested. He lives under struggle and shadow for his entire life. When his childhood friends Jimmy’s daughter being murdered, he became the prime suspect. But who really is the murderer? Dennis Lehane makes this cliffhang the cadenza in his story. Dave Boyle is no doubt…show more content…
Ordinary people don’t despite police officers behavior like him. But when this script is being displayed in the film, Dave speaks slow and weak. The audience don’t get any taste of an aggressive provoke. Besides the fact that he is provoking in the box, he is far braver than he should have been. Whitey said: “ he is too cool in there. Guy’s first time in the box and he is not even sweating” (Eastwood). Whitey has missed that this is not his first time in a box; Dave has been in box that is far worse than this. It is hard not to bring up the fact that he was a minor celebrity when he came back from the cell, after the severe harm people didn’t allow time for him to heal up. He has to face the harm and face people who celebrate about it. Both of the facts result in his brave personality but both facts has been cut out in the film. So viewers don’t know any of these unless they read the book. Also these two facts obviously relate to his splitting personality: he has to pretend to be somebody else to face all the harms. But the viewers of the film don’t fully understand the reason either. Human relationships large depend on people’s personalities. The simpler Dave’s personality is in Eastwood’s film, the simpler relationships there are. In the book Celeste, Dave’s wife, is a self-conflicting person. She is terrified by her husband, but she helps her husband hide the evidences. She protects her husband, but she tell a

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