Mystical Experience, By Chris Frith

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The human brain is the common thread which ties these selections of literature together. Our mind controls our every action, thought, and dream, but do we shape our mind or does our mind shape us? We are one and the same, our mind and ourselves, but who has more control our conscious mind or our subconscious mind and how do we know what we know? in the required texts, “Mystical Experience,” “Numinous,” and Making Up the Mind we discover unique perspectives on understanding the unknown parts of the complex human psyche with the information they provide.

I found the PDF “Mystical Experience” very interesting, especially the statement “mystics unconsciously merely attribute a doctrinal content to ordinary experiences.” At first, I didn't understand the meaning of this statement but then after I let this idea sink in I realized how powerful this was to me. Every aspect of our lives can be analyzed as reactions or messages from a higher being, one could argue that my dance team practice tonight from nine to midnight was cancelled
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And this made me question if I really have ever had any meaningful connection with God in my youth or if it was just my brain responding to my desire to have a meaningful connection with God. And if it this the case that my brain has just provided me with the right levels of endorphins to quench my subconscious desires then what has been real emotion and what hasn't been. but you could counter this by argentine that everything we feel is based off the brain releasing endorphins, therefore, is it even a possibility to feel a meaningful connection to a higher power if we already have complete control over everything we do and do not
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