Myth As Mirror : A Journey Towards Transformation And Creativity

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In the article of, "Myth as Mirror: A Journey Towards Transformation and Creativity", that the human condition is mostly about their greatest fears, joys, hopes, and desires. If the human have these feeling then they can really express themselve of their desires and discover new culture that they have not learned yet. Human were able to get the experience from learning their success and failure. That way they will know their fear of getting a mistake, but also give them hope and desire to learn their mistake and never make the same mistake again. That is why most human would be so creative that can push themselve beyond their limits and coming up with new original way to show how they were able to achieve their success. Another way to know about the human condition in, "The Journey Towards the Art of Learning", the human condition is when they have a mind, body, and spirit to let them have a desire to gain a new knowledge to their wisdom. Such as they will learn about art to love, to know the struggle to feel the pain, and to care is to be humble. There are many things that they can learn in their human condition as a human being. From simple logic of having a male and female take form as a shape of a human body and that result would becoming a human being. From there they will learn to love each that can give another birth of life to another human being. Another important of being a human being is they are to be honest, sympathy, compassion, intelligent, and listen and

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