Myth Of America

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Myth of America: The Land of Opportunity
America is viewed by many people around the world as the land of opportunity. This suggests that America is a country where anyone can succeed, live prosperously and have freedom; that if only they can make their way here, all their dreams will come true. People believe America is where they will find freedom; a place where you have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, political autonomy, etc. Every day there is talk of America’s illegal immigration problem; people are dying to come here, figuratively and sometimes literally. These stories of unwanted immigrants coming to the US have been told by politicians and the media for a long time. However, people never hear about the hardships some of these
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For instance, according to an article in the Washington Post “…black men still need two more levels of education to have the same chances of landing a job as a white man” (Marte). Minorities in general are disproportionately unemployed; Native American employment rates are far below those of whites, they have lower odds of employment than whites even after accounting for various demographic factors (Austin). When it comes to religious bias, Muslims are now experiencing more injustices than any other time in America. The bias towards American Muslims post 9/11, has affected their job prospects; researchers have discovered that “…applicants who self-identified as Muslim on their social media profiles were called back at a lower rate nationwide by prospective employers than Christians with the exact same names and qualifications” (Pal). Even when a Muslim does get the job, the discrimination continues, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported a 250 percent rise in the number of religion-based discrimination complaints post 9/11 (Pal). If your gender is female, you aren’t fairing much better in the workplace, the majority of America’s lowest paid workers are women. On average women make seventy-eight cents to a man’s dollar, even when you take into account the difference in job choice, men still earn more for the same role (O’Brien). Opportunities to move ahead economically are out there, but they’re definitely not equal for
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