Myth Of Hercules Mythology

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In 1997, Disney released the movie Hercules, an adaptation of popular Heracles myth from Ancient Greek mythology. The movie is about titular character Hercules and his journey to become a real hero. Even this statement sounds like Homer’s The Odyssey for Hercules adapted not only The Odyssey but many myths in a harmonious and subtle way to achieve a family-friendly movie, both entertaining to those who are interested in mythology and who are just casual audiences. To create this kind of effect to audiences, Disney mixed well-known stories and characters with tonned-down mature content with allusions to American culture.
Disney had a rich source material to work on this movie. Mythology, a subject they never did before Hercules as it is mentioned
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These three prominent characters are Philoctetes “Phil”, Megara “Meg” and Pegasus.
Of these three, first one we meet with is Pegasus. He is created by Zeus as a gift to baby Hercules. Originally captured by hero Bellerophon in myths (Hamilton 184-186), Pegasus in the movie is a funny, quirky, winged-horse which can be considered more like a brother rather than a pet to Hercules.
Philoctetes also known as Phil in the movie is a satyr and both a mentor and a friend to Hercules. Philoctetes of myths was a Trojan Prince (Hamilton 279), not a satyr but still a friend to Hercules (243). For the movie, character was inspired by Chiron, centaur trainer of heroes, known for tutoring Achilles (430). In the movie, Philoctetes mentions training Achilles and his demise because of his heels in a comical way. Acting as voice of reason for Hercules, Phil also is a physical foil for Hercules. As his role in the story was changed his personality is also affected. In one scene, Phil, chases some Nymphs and in another goes after Hercules’ fan girls. Pan, Dionysus’s Half goat half men and son of Hermes was like half goat, half man like Phil and had amorous adventures with nymphs which did not end well (Hamilton 44). Similarities with Pan makes Phil a complete but more of a flat
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