Myth Of Police Brutality

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The Myth of Police Brutality Police officers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. In the mainstream media the stories of “Police Brutality” is extremely popular and race is always tied into the news stories without any justification. Anti-police rhetoric has been heavily publicized in the press for last several years. Any reasonable person would question the police force after watching the news and that’s understandable because media outlets in the United States tend to be very controversial. So the question remains, are the police racist or are they just doing their job? Police shootings are unfortunate events but whenever there is a shooting, the topic of race emerges. Police shootings have always been the highlights on news channels and there is always the racially biased narrative that keeps repeating itself yet no one seems to dispute this narrative. However, did you know that studies show a police officer is eighteen and a half times more likely to be killed by a African American male than an unarmed African American male is to be killed by a police officer? In fact, a recent “deadly force” study by Washington State University researcher Lois James found that police officers were actually less likely to shoot an unarmed black suspect than unarmed Caucasian or Hispanic suspect in simulated threat scenarios. Some would argue that there are still police shootings all over America and they occur when police officers
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