Myth Of The Vampire Essay

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Tales of mythical beasts and creatures have been told for centuries from family to family. The story of the vampire has been a nightmarish epic that was designed to scare the youth of today. The Strain takes this idea even further, however. The vampires in this series are far more sophisticated and less humane than the original blood suckers. The vampires despise the light, weakened when cut with silver, and can’t respawn when their head is cut off and burned to finish the deed. They roam well in groups, are hard to kill, and have a stinger that reaches quite a ways out from their tongue. Relatively speaking, they aren’t very similar to the original vampire and are more like zombies if anything. The very first thing that Eph learned about…show more content…
They are very hard to kill even when knowing their weaknesses and even more complicated when there are more than just one. They often travel in large quantities and hide in very gloomy areas where ambushes are more than likely to occur. They have the ability to move as well and as quick as humans, but don’t have the rational brains that they do. They have an extremely good learning capacity and get smarter and stronger as each day passes. This is why killing them in their early stages is the best possible time. The most horrid strength that they have is their six foot long stinger that protrudes from their mouth to infect their next victim. The vampires are strong beings with the willingness and capability to inflict mass destruction and have many strengths compared to their minute amount of weaknesses.
While most vampire stories are of being blood suckers, wearing caps, and bearing large fangs, these vampires are not. These vampires are gray looking humans that have the capacity to kill, infect, and get stronger. They are vulnerable to the light, silver, and other means that cause physical harm, but are great in numbers, smart, and have no quit in them. These tormenting creatures in The Strain intend to rule the world and end the human race. It is hard to visualize what our world would do if such creatures
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