Myth Story : The Disappearance Of Lorelei

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Myth Story: The Disappearance of Lorelei
There once lived a beautiful nymph named Lorelei on the Rhine River. The only thing more beautiful than her physical beauty was her voice. When she sang, it is said that no one can resist, and anyone hearing her irresistible song would not be able to avoid death. One day, a proud, young warrior, Ronald, and his father were boating down the Rhine River and Ronald soon heard Lorelei’s alluring song. When he heard Lorelei’s voice, he felt as if there were invisible arms pulling him to her. The sun was beginning to set, slowly enveloping the men in darkness; however, Ronald continued to row towards to the rocks.
Ronald’s father who figured out what was happening warned Ronald that he was being lured by Lorelei. When he heard his father say the name, he suddenly saw the beautiful nymph sitting on the cliff combing her hair. Ronald heard the nymph sing his name, and he dove into the water. Despite Lorelei’s song, the old man was able to turn the boat around.
When the old man made his way back home, he convinced a court of soldiers to bring the enchantress to him, dead or alive. The soldiers arrived at the mountains and once again, Lorelei was combing her hair. The men told Lorelei that they had come to destroy her, but Lorelei told them “the Rhine is coming for me.” The water rose around the nymph, carried her away, and washed Ronald’s body ashore. Sailors still hear her voice, soft and beautiful, trying to lure them to death (Friedman

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