Mythic Reality And Its Affect On Others

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Can a True Christian Support Any War? Courtney Palazzolo Core 346 01 Mythic Reality and its Affect on Others Mythic reality is a way of looking at the world through a specific lens that creates a reality that demands absolutes, as compared to a sensory reality which is the world seen as it is, in other words reality. We go back and forth between these worlds throughout life. Mythic reality transforms events such as war into a chain of events directed by a will greater than our own. A fairytale like view is created that has war perceived as a hero and damsel in distress type scenario. Man sees himself as the prince fighting to save the princess from the gruesome, evil dragon by only means of completely killing the dragon. Once the dragon is defeated, the princess is saved and all harmony is restored. This does not happen in real life, but instead war often brings about new points for further conflict rather than harmony. The title of Chris Hedges’ book in itself, War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning demonstrates how a mythical reality type of thinking in war can serve as an intoxicating elixir that lures people in, because it allows them to find purpose, meaning, and a reason to live. War and conflict comprised most of Hedges’ adulthood as he was a foreign correspondent for decades. He has covered wars and fighting in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Columbia, the civil wars in Sudan and Yemen, and the Gulf War to name a few. He has been ambushed, shot
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