Mythological Criticism on Harry Potter

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For instance, a faithful dog of the Orion named Sirius in Greek mythology as to Sirius Black in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Sirius Black is a friend of Harry’s father and an Animagus (Garza), which is a wizard that can change into any animal at his willpower. From the books to the “movies” Harry Potter does have a connection with magical fantasy and mythological literature through pathways to different worlds, name associations with mythological stories and the ideas of immortality. The Platform Nine and Three Quarters is the entrance for Harry to go into the wizardry world, and it is the imagination between two different worlds, “The Wizarding world to an Arthurian world” (Garza). The other side of the world where pupils go for witchcraft and wizardry called, Hogwarts, is a place that could not be reached by “Muggles” (Doniger) and is “inhibited by wizards who are not humans” (Neye and Kriwett). Hogwarts is similar in comparison to the Greek mountain, Olympus, where the gods and goddesses lived. Hogwarts is a modern version of boarding school for multiracial boys and girls in an English setting. Muggles are not able to enter Hogwarts as humans not entering the Olympus. In the Arthurian legend, Professor Dumbledore would be closely associated with Merlin, a main character in the stories of King Arthur. Merlin is…

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