Mythology And Its Impact On Society

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Mythology has and always will play a huge role in a people’s life. It is human nature to ask questions and want answers. This is where mythology comes in and gives people that answers. Mythology also can take form in religion which has been practiced over 300,000 years ago (Wise Geek, 2014). Belief, and knowledge that a person has, has a huge impact the choices and beliefs of mythology and religion. Even in the contemporary culture of today mythology still plays a huge role in.
Myths are a way that humans can explain the impossible or the unexplainable. Callisto and Ursa Major is a myth that was used in the past to explain the stars and the constellations. Myths also help people through life by giving them hope, something to believe in, or my inspiring them. An example of a doctor telling a very sick patient that it is possible to get better or that a cure will soon be found for their illness. Myths can be used to explain the origin of life and many other things. The bible for example explains how lives begin on Earth.
One of the most common mythological themes across the different cultures, and throughout history is origin of people and who created people also known as religion. The earliest evidence of religion was 300,000 years ago. It was speculated that a ritual burial site that was found from 300,000 years ago was due to religion (Wise Geek, 2014). Two of the oldest religions are Shamanism, and Animism. Some of the oldest religions are still practiced today.
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