Mythology And Mythology In Percy Jackson By Percy Jackson

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By reading the book "Percy jackson", we can chose various of important genres for the book such as mythology and Fiction. The book is writen by Rick Riordan and its about a boy living in a fantasy world during current time and facing the truth about the existence of old greek gods. The most important genre of the book is mythology. Mythopoeia is the act of writing a mythology. We can name C. S. Lewis, H. P. Lovecraft and Lord Dunsany as the most notable and famous mythology writters. As distinguished from fantasy worlds or fictional universes aimed at the evocation of detailed worlds with well-ordered histories, geographies and law of nature. Its included real-world mythology created to bring mythology to modern readers. Mythology is being defined as a genre that the old greek gods such as zeus, Possiden and hades are beeing part of the story. It is included of myth heroes and how they life begin as a low status are elevated to high status through a good deed. Mythology is a traditional or legendary story, Usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or natural explonation, which is concerned with demigods explains some practice or phenomenon nature. Legend or traditional narrative, often vased in part of historical events, that…show more content…
characters in the story are ordinary real people in which the characters are changing as a result of a problem and they must to be able to resolve their problems. A fictional story is included with dialog and feelings that are from real world and described accuratly. The story is placed in an imaginary world but is possible to happen in real world and the time can be anytime or there could be no time, which in Percy Jackson we facing a real time in twenty first century. It can be from a past time or a story of future. The writer is using a forshadowing and clues that brings joy to the reader and tease their
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