Mythology Film Review (Percy Jackson)

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Alex Beecher ENG 215 5/31/12 Film Review Perseus Abound For this film review, I watched the film Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. It tells the story of Percy, son of Poseidon, and his quest to discover both who he is and who stole the mighty lightning bolt of Zeus. The film is aimed at families, and generally shows an accurate representation of the Greek myths. There are a few key differences though, which are mostly used to present the Greek Gods in a better, more likable tone for the movie. The first differences between the film and classic mythology surround the premise. The film explains that the Gods would occasionally fall in love with mortals and have children. The children were sometimes bestowed…show more content…
In the film, however, the majority of Percy’s journey is to locate and enter the Underworld in order to rescue his mother from Hades. Once again, the changes contribute to the plot of the story and remain entertaining for audiences. The film does a good job of accurately representing some of the minor characters from mythology as well. Percy’s friend Grover is a satyr, and displays a strong interest in many of the females in the film. Chiron, leader of the centaurs makes an appearance as well, disguised as one of Percy’s teachers. He later reveals himself to be a centaur and the leader of the Demigod Camp that Percy travels to. Charon also makes an appearance, and only allows Percy and his friends to travel to the Underworld once they have paid him. As mentioned before, Medusa appears in the film, and expresses her anger towards Athena for transforming her into a monster. She also tells Percy that she ‘used to date [Poseidon],’ which is a more family-friendly version of the Roman story where Poseidon rapes her in Athena’s temple. All in all, Percy Jackson does a good job of representing the Greek Gods in a present day story that is entertaining and appropriate for families. Most of the characters are presented very accurately, and even the changes are not terribly drastic. The director balances entertaining audiences with informing them, and the new material doesn’t ruin any characters or storylines from the original myths. I think the movie did a good job of
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