Mythology : Mythology Of The Fierce Amazons

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There are an abundant amount of articles about the mythological warrior women that exist in most cultures. Tails of women war goddesses, heroes, and mythological figures flourish on university databases. However, even though these resources exist in mass quantity does not mean that they contain quality. In more precise terms, they seem to lack substance. Anyone can write an essay about the mythological women of a culture and how that projection lead to the creation of certain archetypes within that culture. But how did that mythology impact the culture? How did it influence the women of that culture or the policies and laws relating to women with that culture? That is the question that this paper aims to answer. Perhaps the most famous myth of warrior women is the Greek legend of the fierce Amazons. The Amazons were ferocious women warriors. They were wild women who resided on the fringes of the known world under the rules of a matriarchy. They didn 't marry, and often used men before murdering them. It was reputed that they removed the right breast from young girls to help facilitate archery. They mated randomly and only raised the healthy female offspring, males were either killed at birth or made into slaves. The Amazons were an Athenian male 's worst nightmare. (Jones, 1997)There is some debate as to whether the Amazons actually did exist. Some theorists argue that the Amazons were nothing more than Greek propaganda to show what the ideal Greek woman should be by

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