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A world without the myths of Zeus, overthrowing his father, then drawing out his brothers, Poseidon, and Hades. Perhaps a world without Asgard, the place in which Norse Gods inhabit. All of these events illustrated, have been told, through oral tradition, or through writing. The events of Zeus, and the gods in Asgard, are all possible because of something that us as humans hold near and dear, mythology. The study of myth, by definition is mythology, but what is myth? A myth is a traditional story, sometimes concerning early history, mostly telling how certain events have happened (such as natural events, or social happenings) Mythology tells the story of a particular collection of myths, in how they pertain to an everyday life event. For example, the greek goddess, Eileithyia, is the goddess of childbirth. With childbirth being an event…show more content…
One goddess from a particular culture, could have a link to a god elsewhere, such as Zeus is to Jupiter. Mythology is all around, and myth was a simplistic way to tell a story of a hero, such as the Iliad, and the Odyssey tells the story of Odysseus. As one may see, Mythology is all around us, and Mythology is more than just a study of myth, it is a dive into the spiritual mindset into several cultures scattered all around the world. This mindset being creation, how to make the gods happy, or even just how to ensure that you will have a fruitful crop, to feed your family. Reflect back, and remember, even to this day, we have myths, such as Santa Claus, who rewards children for being good, and punishes them for being bad. In our culture today (everyday culture) we still have myths to associate with. For example, Father Time, The Easter Bunny, and many more whom we associate with throughout the year. Myths have been around for ages, and shall be around for generation, after
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