Mythology vs Natural World: How mythology helped to explain aspects of the natural world to the ancient Greeks

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Greek myths are all that 's left of the ancient Greek religion, in which beauty, poetry, and creative activities were a vital part of the tradition. Centuries ago, the Greeks created numerous stories and poems, which are still being shared today, that showed their view of the world that existed not only in the mind of the Greek poets, but in the hearts of the humble and long suffering natives of ancient Greece. From the stories of the Olympians, to heroes ' greatest adventures and from romantic stories to savage beasts, the Greeks used stories not only for entertainment but also for answers to nature 's mysteries. Mythology helped to explain aspects of the natural world to the ancient Greeks. Some of the greatest mysteries of nature that…show more content…
Dionysus always dies, however; he always becomes alive again. When he rose again, he brought back the ever spreading vines onto earth. According to the Greek mythology, the Horae was the goddesses of the seasons. The Horae consists of four Horai--Eiar was the goddess of spring, Theros of summer, Phtninoporon of autumn, and Kheimon of winter. They were daughters of the sun-god Helios. They guided their father 's path across the heavens and presided over the flowering and fruiting of the earth. The ancient Greeks used the myths of Demeter and Persephone, Dionysus and his vines, and the Horae to describe the aspects of the seasons.

Other than the creation of mankind and the division of four seasons, Greek mythology also explains the origins, colors, and names of the flowers. One of the ancient stories starts with a very handsome man, Narcissus, who was loved by many women, especially by a nymph named Echo. Narcissus never returned Echo 's love and she disappeared from woods and mountains, and faded away. Many other nymphs and youths had been mocked by Narcissus until one of them prayed to heaven. Nemesis, the Goddess of Retribution, heard the prayer and decided to punish Narcissus. Narcissus saw his reflection on the surface of a pond, fell in love with it, and stayed at the spot until he eventually died. From where he lies dead, a new and lovely flower bloomed and his name was given to it. There is another myth that explains the
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