Myths About Terrorism: The Myth Of Terrorism

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Myth about terrorism
Terrorists are mostly poor and uneducated

What is terrorism?
If you will look for the definition of terrorism, you’ll find many. Every single person in this world would have a different understanding of terrorism and a different definition. But mainly, terrorism is something or an act that might cause death to the innocent one’s, who aren’t related to what they’re being accused of. It can also be defined as the ‘use of violence as a mean to achieve a certain goal.’
A brief history of terrorism
Terrorism is really an old tactic. If you go in the history, you might found that terrorism has its origins from just the 11th century or even before that. But what we all or most of us started knowing terrorism since the 9-11 attack on the twin towers. Then it rose and rose above and till the present day it is faced by many countries of the world.
Along with various meanings and definitions, there are several types of terrorism.
• State Terrorism
• Religious Terrorism
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Every nation has its own myths, even every single person might have myths different from the others. Here we shall talk about a myth of terrorism and its causes.
Terrorists are poor and uneducated
This myth is mainly talked about in the West, where the remedy to every problem is money. People think that if they throw enough money on something it’ll go away. Similarly, they think that if people have more money and are less poor they might have lesser problems. The economist Alan Krueger in his book ‘What makes a terrorist?’ writes that “Instead of being drawn from the poor, numerous academic and government studies find that terrorists tend to be drawn from well-educated, middle class, or high income families.”
However, after the tragic events of 11th September, several policy makers and observers have called upon for the increased educational aid as a mean for ending terrorism. Any connection between poverty, education and terrorism is itself
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