Myths And Mythology In Margaret Atwood's The Penelopid And Surfacing

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Myth and Mythology have always been among the elements which shape the lives of individuals and the working mechanism of societies. Margaret Atwood uses in her works every possible material that enables one to trace her experiences back to the social, historical, cultural, and natural aspects of her ‘identity’. Her familiarity with the Canadian wilderness can be detected in her employment of nature and animal imagery in her poems and novels. Her novel’s The Penelopid and Surfacing to discover some common and persistent patterns of women writers use when they rewrite myths. Atwood attempts to offer new sites of existence for women so as to enable them to get closer to their authentic “selves”.
Key Words: Female - myth, archetype, identity, survival, religion.
Myth and Mythology is not simple, innocent stories about old gods and goddesses, but symbols and images …show more content…

The antagonist’s approach to God is manifested through other examples, too: When the protagonist tells about the fish under the water on their fishing trip she states: “I believe in them the way other people believe in God: I can’t see them but I know they are there” (Surfacing 71). Atwood’s identification of Christ with animals and plants and her identification of people, including Christians, as cannibals of Jesus is an attempt to decentre the origin of both religion and rational thinking of the Western mind which proposes that animals and nature be in the servitude of

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