Myths And Myths Of Myths

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Myths are generally known to be the reflection of ancient people 's thoughts and vision about the world which surrounded them. Due to this assumption, the word 'myth ' appeared to have a number of connotations, which denote a contemporary man and his thoughts and vision, i.e. the way he perceives this word and reality. The scholars whose expertise fall within the field of myths and their investigation claim that myth as a genre of literature reflect the human history from the point of view of the culture which took place. In other words, the phenomenon of myths serves as a connection between ancient and contemporary generations. Under these conditions, there are the questions which are necessary to answer to evaluate and understand more profoundly the nature of myths and the function they perform for the culture of this or that people. As a consequence, this paper regards the basis why myths were once created; the possible functions they serve; and the scholars ' attitudes towards the nature of myths. Since myths are supposed to be one of the most ancient type of culture, including literature, there had appeared a great variety of the works dedicated to their investigation. One of the most outstanding analysis of myths ' nature belongs to Frankfort et al. (1946) and establishes the clear and concise understanding of why people created myths and what they served for. At all events, as a consequence, the authors of the book The Intellectual Adventure Of Ancient Man have

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