Myths And Reality Of Crime 2

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a. Imagine asking 100 strangers to describe a criminal. Predict whether those descriptions would be likely to focus on street criminals, or the variety of topics covered in this video.

With everything that’s going on nowadays I would say that it’s a combination of both, although it is more likely that those 100 strangers will choose the street criminals. Most people don’t know too much about the white collar or corporate crimes until it happens and maybe because it something that affects them or they think will in the future.

b. Describe how society defines crime. Do not provide a definition – instead, explain how the definition is reached.

Society defines crime in different ways. What that mean is some people
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It is aid that the murders started on July 21, 1979 with the last being on March 12, 1981.

In 1979, Edward Hope Smith and Alfred Evans were both 14 and disappeared four days apart. It was said that they were the first victims with the last victim being a 27 year old named Nathaniel Cater.

e. Present an example of a widely held myth or misconception about crime and society. Determine how we
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